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Latest Detection System Technologies News

blog segma metal detector

Discovering treasures and minerals made easier with the Segma Ajax

this smart metal detector has high accuracy and performance in processing data and digital signals and converting them into visual, and audio results The Segma detector works on two systems with high efficiency to detect and explore gold an ...

blog ajax gamma ground imaging

The gold detector with ground imaging system Gamma from AJAX

Multifunctional system device which contains 3 advanced gold detection systems. According to our surveys, we found that all of the prospectors who used ground imaging systems have encountered many complexities in the use of these devices an ...

alpha ajax long range gold detector

Professional long-range gold detector Alpha from AJAX

Do long range gold detectors work? What is the best long range gold detector? The answer is Alpha From AJAX Long Range Gold Detector you have all been waiting for this long range gold detector, and we know that you have searched a ...

Primero Multifunctional Gold Detector

Primero Multifunctional Gold Detector With 9 advanced systems

this Multifunctional Detector has multiple functions the Primero Gold Detector allows the user to use 9 advanced systems with accurate error-free performance to detect gold, treasures, and metals underground. Why use a multi-system d ...

best groundwater detectors

The Best Groundwater Detectors

The latest and Best groundwater detectors with long-range and geophysical detection techniques. also, the best and most accurate detectors for locating groundwater with the Best intelligent detection and analysis systems Today we will t ...

groundwater detector Omega

the best Groundwater Detector Omega

Now Omega groundwater detector makes finding and digging the groundwater wells easier giving you more confidence. OMEGA groundwater detector is equipped with advanced technology to detect and locate underground water locations with great ...

Spark Long Range Gold Detector

Spark Long Range Gold Detector

Spark Long Range Gold Detector has succeeded and proved its worth in many countries and won the title of the best, smallest long-range sensor for detecting gold, metals, and spaces.   System working device This system of gold and metal det ...