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Do long range gold detectors work?

What is the best long range gold detector?

The answer is Alpha From AJAX Long Range Gold Detector

you have all been waiting for this long range gold detector, and we know that you have searched a lot and you couldn’t find a device that lets you achieve your goals, but now your wish became true with the ALPHA and all you should do is continue reading…
The ALPHA long range gold detector with it’s remote sensing technology and two long-range systems to explore and detect Gold, Treasures and other metals.
The first device with its two long-range detection systems deserved and won recognition globally after many experiments by the most famous treasure hunters among the USA, Asia, and Europe, where it proved its competence with its accurate results in goal detection from long distances reaching 2250 meters, and extreme depths of 50 meters underground, with its detection and operating smart systems which are available now for the first time globally in the ALPHA.

• This device has two long-range sensing systems, that enable you to identify and detect Gold, Treasures, and Metals.
• Alpha is the world’s first long-range detection device. It was awarded this title after having undergone the necessary experiments, and its inclusion of the modern specifications, intelligent and operating detection systems, which are available for the first time internationally only in the AJAX Alpha.
ALPHA is equipped with the most modern and advanced systems specialized in detecting and locating gold, treasures and metals places from long distances. This device contains high functions that enable the user to complete the exploration of his targets at the least time and effort possible.
• This device provides the user with an integrated search interface, that displays the exact target path and an intelligent balance system to carry the device and point towards your destination, so it is the best device without any competition.

• This device has two detection systems:

1. A long-range detection system (Manual)
2. A long-range detection system (Automatic)

This long range metal detector has a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search place and the direction of the target path accurately on the search screen, and you can recognize your destination in the device with details, and it is equipped with two integrated long-range search systems, manual and automatic.
Modern and unique design, which gives you the power and confidence to complete your explorations easily.
This device was made and designed entirely and all its parts and components by the Ajax factory for detection without the need for any external parts, which gives the device high performance, reliability and quality that are unparalleled.
it’s designed with High-quality in mind so that it would work in extreme conditions and resist noise and interferences from the surrounding environment.
a 5-inch Colorful screen to display results and settings, the screen allows the user to control the device’s overall settings and to show the results and characteristics of the search.
its also equipped with ideal interfaces and programs that give you precise control and ease of use during the search.
The main battery is placed inside the device carry handle, which can be opened and close, making it easy to replace the battery if it is damaged without having to open the main case of the device.
The basic full charge allows the device to work for 5 continuous working hours at maximum sound levels and backlight levels of the search screen.

the headphone outlet, which allows you to hear the search results and alerts with convenient and varied audio formats like MP3 and WAVES.
The charger outlet, which enables fast charging of the battery for high performance.
The input socket of the multi-tasking search systems, through it you can choose the system that you want to work with, it has a sophisticated mechanism to dismantle and install the search sensor without any effort or time.

The long-range search system (Manual)

• This system can detect gold, treasures, archaeological and mineral materials underground.
• This system has a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search site and the direction of the target’s path accurately on the search screen and knows your destination in detail.
• The system has been developed in multiple stages to obtain the best result by identification and monitoring the targets places from long distances with high accuracy, this device takes the explorer to the target place completely by a decisive rate of up to 100%
• This system isn’t like any other long-range detection systems in the market, it is a modern system with intelligent and comfortable design with high-sensitivity detection and sensors supported by dual transmission and receiving systems.
• There is a high-frequency transmission unit (High Gain Antenna) which allows sending precise waves to identify and stimulate target locations, then the system can pick up and receive signals through receiving antennas with a dual stimulus (Binary stimulation), to find target’s location and display it on the screen with multiple audio and digital indicators that appear on the results screen.
• One of the most amazing features in the device is the smart hand balance system to carry the device correctly, where there is an indicator that appears to the user on the screen and guides the user to the right way of carrying the device during the long-range search.
• It called the manual system because of the need to enter the search data manually according to the user’s needs.
• The Explorer can set the target type from the list of targets available in the system with other settings also available to control search properties such as search depth and distances, this is all according to what the explorer needs.


Long-range search system (Automatic)

• It is as equipped as the manual system but for the first time in the world of long-range metal detectors, the device has automatic detection system for the target and will show the name of the target on the screen automatically, also determine the distance of the target from device’s fulcrum, also enables the user to determine target’s place and know the depth, all of the results appear automatically on the screen.



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