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The latest and Best groundwater detectors with long-range and geophysical detection techniques.

also, the best and most accurate detectors for locating groundwater with the Best intelligent detection and analysis systems

Today we will talk about 2 of the best groundwater detectors

-The Long-Range water Detector aqua 
-The geophysical detector BR 750 PRO

Brief description of the BR 750 Pro water detector.

Geophysical detection systems specialize in measuring the intensity of the electrical resistance of the soil and determine the underground water with all of its types, the objective is clarified based on the type and depth of the water chosen by you.

The BR 750 Pro works on an integrated geophysical research system, which depends on the transmission of static electrical signals (through ground props) in the form of waves to the ground and measuring all frequencies, in the soil and the analysis of these frequencies and signals detected through the program will be done automatically and then clarified on the main screen directly.

After the success of the first generation, BR700 pro that specialized in underground water and wells detection, because of the accuracy of its search results, it became a necessity to the BR Systems team to update and develop this device further, which we offer now the BR750 Pro, through this device, and by one click, you will determine whether there is water available on your farm or not, in addition to determining the type and depth of this water easily and directly.

Features available only with the new BR 750 Professional.

1. The device shows on the screen automatically the type of water detected without the need to identify it and redoing the detection several times.

2. The max depth the device reaches is 1000 meters underground

3. The easy/simplified interface helps prospectors use the device without any difficulties.

4. 12-volt rechargeable battery that lasts for 2 days.

5. The accuracy of the device isn’t affected at all by rock, sand or mud

6. The device works accurately at temperatures ranging from – 20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius

7. A colorful crystal clear screen that shows all the settings and shows all detections results directly.

8. ease of setup anyone can use this device with ease.

9. easy to handle, Lightweight and comfortable to use.

10. Made from high-quality electronics and durable plastic.

11. The device is available in several languages.

12. Made in the USA. 

13. 3 years warranty.




Brief description of the Aqua groundwater detector

The Aqua Water Detector works on a remote sensing system to locate groundwater from long distances.

The Aqua device specializes in detecting and searching for underground water with great accuracy.

with the built-in sensing and detection, the device can detect water by aiming towards the target accompanied by a sound alarm indicator.

5 levels of volume control as well as silent and vibrating mode.

Optical interface showing the selected search configuration like the type, depth, and distance.

water types: natural water, saltwater, mineral water, and freshwater.

Optional search depths, starting from 0 to the specified depth: 25 m -50 m -100 m -150 m -200 m.

Optional forward search distance, starting from 0 to the specified distance: 25 m -50 m -100 m -150 m -200 m.

the Aqua detector is easy to work with and anyone can use it without previous knowledge or experience with detectors.

The waves and frequencies used for search can penetrate deep, this type of device is affected by the impact of the target and the electrostatic field of the target, and the method of tracking and search in this device is different from the other devices giving it its exceptional performance and results.




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