Detection system technology

Ground scanning and imaging devices

This system of gold imaging detectors works by measuring the intensity of fields and magnetic fields of the earth and analyze it  to detect treasures and minerals underground

The survey is done through different techniques. Like an electromagnetic radiation scan and the imaging device measures, ultra-high VHL frequencies And using different frequencies as well. For reflection and field waves, to locate and detect metal, burials, and cavities underground.

The readings and surveys through the gold and metal imaging detector shows different data either this is to provide three-dimensional or two-dimensional stratigraphy with drawings and indicators of the shape and type of the metal with an explanation of the size and depth Prospectors around the world typically use this system to identify and detect well-known targets to scan and photograph underground treasures and burials.

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Long-range detection systems

This system of long-range sensors detects and senses targets from long distances This system emits and receives different frequency waves, including digitally processed frequency waves or low-frequency resonance waves, These waves can penetrate the layers of the earth to a depth of up to 50 meters and check the presence of the target to be searched with the specialty of search from vast distances as well. Gold detectors and sensor metals are affected by targets underground by impact and target Search methods, results and data vary from device to device.

Treasures and burial miners usually use this system to search for unknown targets, These devices provide long-range detection with great speed to locate and detect hidden treasures and burials Search options are available, varying from device to device. Gold and metal devices, groundwater devices, diamonds and gemstones are available in such systems.

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Acoustic Metal Detectors

This system of acoustic metal detectors works on multi-data detection and search techniques of different performance,

Some of them are to detect the fields and electromagnetic fields and magnetic fields for underground targets of metals with the specialty of distinguishing  between it, and Some of them work on the detection technology pulse-based system

Signals are issued and received to give an analysis of the type of targets detected, Some of them work on low-frequency systems with different search files and disks, these devices specialize in the detection of many targets such as gold, metals and metal ores.