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Multifunctional system device which contains 3 advanced gold detection systems.

According to our surveys, we found that all of the prospectors who used ground imaging systems have encountered many complexities in the use of these devices and its complex software, but we have solved these complexities and difficulties in our device with 3D imaging systems, where our system allows anyone to use it with easy and smooth control.

Gamma is the main imaging tool to complete any successful 3D  scan.

Description of the GAMMA ground imaging gold detector system\metal detector

• Gamma has the latest advanced detection and scanning systems to detect gold, metals, and voids.
• This device works on new techniques and modern electronic foundations that offer new concepts and dimensions in the world of ground imaging devices.
• A multi-tasking gamma device that allows users to do geological exploration and surveying in its wide ranges, with all tools and applications needed to complete the searches successfully.
• This device was provided with a 5-inch high-resolution colorful screen, it allows you to work with advanced professional functions and programs to detect underground targets with full control of the scanning properties and your path exploration journey until you reach the desired target.
• This device can be used through 3 different detection and exploration systems
1- Gradiosmart system
2- Live Scan
3- 3D Ground Scanner


Product features

There are many features to distinguish between GAMMA device and other ground imaging gold detectors devices, GAMMA has modern technological characteristics such as ease of dealing and use, accuracy and speed in the immediate results given by the three systems provided by the device.
it is modern and unique in design, which gives you the power and confidence to complete your explorations easily, with convenience in detection, lightweight and easy of use.
This device was made and designed entirely and all its parts and components through the Ajax factory for detection techniques without the use of any external parts, which gives the device a high performance, reliability, and quality that are unparalleled.
The high-quality design allows it to work in extreme conditions and resist noise and interference from the surrounding environment.
The colorful screen which displays results and settings is 5-inch in size, allowing the user to control overall the device settings and to show the results and characteristics of the search.
Ideal interfaces of the programs that give you precise control over the device and ease of use throughout the search process.
The main battery is placed inside the device carry handle, it can open and close, making it easy to replace the battery if it is damaged without having to open the main case of the device.
The basic power allows the device to work for 5 continuous working hours at maximum sound levels and backlight levels of the search screen.
Backup power bank unit can be connected to the device when the main battery is finished which allows you to work with the device for 10 continuous working hours.
Headphone outlet, which allows you to hear clearly the search result alerts with convenient and varied audio formats like MP3 and WAVES.
The charger outlet, which enables fast and intelligent charging of the battery for high performance and proper charging.
The input socket of the multi-tasking search systems, with it you can choose the system that you want to work with, it has a sophisticated mechanical mechanism to dismantle and install the search sensor without any effort or time.


Product systems…

Gradio smart system Gamma Gold detector
• It is known that the Gradio smart system detects the subtle changes that happened to the soil and determine materials and mineral objects inside it, in addition to cavities.
• This system usually contains many large pieces of equipment and long sensors that aren’t easy to move and conveniently control in the search processes results, but we provided you with intelligent control and detection tools that show integrated results on the search interface of this system.
• This system provides accurate measurement of magnetic changes in the soil to detect and identify metallic objects and spaces, also, to distinguish between them.
• To work on this system, the sensing unit must be connected, the sensing unit contains high-powered vector-guided sensors.
Allowing full control of search criteria and settings through the high-definition smart interface.
• The results interface shows the signal strength level of the detected target, in addition to the oscilloscope window where you can see the size and dimensions of the target found.
• The intelligent depth measurement program provides you with a precise measurement of the target’s depth underground regarding the measurement of the level of reflective changes of the magnetic field.

Livescan system Gamma gold detector
• For the first time in the world, the direct imaging system is integrated into the main processing screen of the device without using any external processing screen and programs, this system gives you direct imaging of all things underground like buried treasures and clarifies its sizes, depths, and types.
• A special interface to a direct scan system that gives you a direct view of the searching area in real-time.
• You can use two types of scanners that come with the device either through the multi-tasking longitudinal scanner to scan a specific location or through the multi-radar cross-section scanner that works with a high-speed directed power to cover and scan a large area in less time.
• Control the speed of scanning, which corresponds to the speed of the user’s walk and steps.
• Ground balance and calibration, either through automatic calibration of the reference system or through manual calibration, which is determined by the user according to what he deems appropriate for the search area.
• Pause scanning and continue feature, scanning could be done immediately in seconds, without any settings or references.

The 3D ground scanner system
• According to our survey, we found that every prospector who used the ground imaging systems have encountered many complexities in the use of these devices and its complex programs. However, we have corrected all those complexities and difficulties in our 3D systems. Our system gives you an easy and smooth way to use, and anyone can easily interact with.
• There is a special software interface to work on the 3D imaging system, allowing you to freely control the scan settings and properties.
• This system has several features to complete the scan
• Or get ground scanning results from the device screen directly, as desired by the user.
• This system allows you to scan the ground and show the results on the screen directly by preparing complete scanning properties, such as the control of the steps and rows of scanning, scanning method, starting point, searching method (automatic or manual), and then start scanning and show results directly on the screen, in addition to the ability to analyze the scan and find target placements.
• The user can also connect the device with the Tablet PC via Bluetooth to work on the Ajax application for analysis, to get more analysis tools and 3D scenes of the targets.




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