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Now Omega groundwater detector makes finding and digging the groundwater wells easier giving you more confidence.

OMEGA groundwater detector is equipped with advanced technology to detect and locate underground water locations with great precision. This device has high-capacity functions that enable the user to complete the process of water detection with less time and effort.

groundwater detector Omega is the first water detector that works with 3 detection systems.

• Omega groundwater detector detector has 3 detection systems

1. A long-range detection system (Manual)

2. A long-range detection system (Automatic)

3. Geophysical verification system

If you are a farmer or if you work in the business of drilling wells, the Omega is the perfect solution to eliminate water scarcity problems and problems of random water drilling, which would waste a lot of money without any benefit.

• This device provides the user with an integrated search interface that shows the exact target path, it isn’t like any other water detector it is the best with no competition, you can check and detect underground water through 3 advanced systems that give you confidence and power to identify your targets’ places with the highest amount of accuracy.

Groundwater Detector Omega Systems

The long-range search system (Manual)-1

This system isn’t like any other long-range detection system in the market, it is a modern system with intelligent and comfortable design with high-sensitivity detection and sensor systems it uses dual transmitters and receiving systems, this device has a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search site and the direction of the target’s path accurately on the screen, it’s named as the manual system because of the need to enter the search parameters manually according to the user’s needs.

Long-range search system (Automatic)-2

It is the first time in the world of long-range water detectors, is that a device has an automatic detection system that shows the name of the target on the screen automatically, also determine the distance of the target from the device, also enables the user to determine the target’s location and depth, these result appears automatically on the screen.

This system has a special search interface that displays results and coordinates of the search place and the directions to the target accurately on the screen.

The system has been developed in multiple stages to locate water from long distances with high accuracy and takes the explorer to the target site with a complete success rate of 100%.

This system isn’t like any other long-range water detection systems in the market, one of the most amazing features in the device is the smart hand balance system to carry the device correctly, where there is an indicator that appears to the user on the screen and guides the user on the right way to carry the device during the long-range search.

Long-range search system (Automatic) Depth – Long Distance

Maximum Depth: It can detect up to 500 meters, discover target depth and show it automatically on the system

Long Distance: It can detect up to 2850m, and specifies target distance automatically on the screen

Targets: Automatic detection of the water in the search area, where it can find: Natural water – saltwater – sulfur water – all types of water

long-range search system (Manual)

Maximum Depth: It can detect up to 500 meters, with preset control in-depth search options:10 m, 20 m, 40 m, 60 m, 80 m, 100 m, 140 m, 160 m, 180 m, 200 m, 225 m, 250 m, 275 m, 300 m,325 m, 350 m, 400 m, 450 m, 500 m

long-distance: It can detect up to 2250 m, with advance control in the long-distance options: 100 m, 150 m,200 m, 250 m, 300 m, 350 m, 400 m, 450 m, 500 m, 550 m, 600 m, 700 m, 800 m, 900 m, 1000 m, 1250 m, 1500 m, 1750 m, 2000 m, 2250 m

targets: Optional list: Natural water – saltwater – sulfur water – all types of water

long-range detection systems are used to search for unknown targets that are difficult to reach, providing prospector of target locations with great speed

Geophysical Search System -3

This system works on scan techniques and electro-geophysics measurements that identify the electrical resistance levels of the soil, to locate underground water and wells with detailed proportions. through this system, you can search for a specific water type that you identify through the list of water types available in the device and can make a quick survey to ensure that there is a target or not.

This system provides you with 4 electrical wires in addition to 4 special search probes that connect to the soil to test its contents.

With this system, you’re allowed to scan an area of 1000 square meters within one minute to provide an integrated report on water and its proportions and depths.

This system is fast and the results provided appear on the screen directly with target alerts,

Maximum Depth: It can detect up to 500 meters

Targets: Optional list: Natural water – saltwater – sulfur water – all types of water.




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