All are waiting this device, and we know that you searched a lot and you couldn’t find a device let’s you achieve your goals, but now your wish became true with ALPHA and all you should do is continue reading…

    ALPHA device with remote sensing technology and two long range systems to explore and detect Gold, Treasures and other metals.

    The first device globally with remote sensing two long range systems, deserved and won this after many experiments by the most famous treasure hunters among USA, Asia and Europe, where it proved its competence with its accurate results in goal detection from long distances reaches to 2850 meters, and high depths reaches to 50 meters underground, and with its new detection and operating smart systems which are available for the first time globally in ALPHA.

    4,900 $

    Diamond and Gems in your hands by owning the Electra device.

    There are many Diamond and gems types underground, in the same time there are amateurs prospectors and interested traders in diamonds by all types and gems as well, but they are lacking the advanced scientific tool to guide them to these treasures’ locations.

    By owning Electra , the most advanced technology in the world of detection and prospecting of valuables, you will be easily able to mine diamonds and gems ores, as well locating and identifying its positions, where the device features the ability to detect and receive targets for an up to 2850 meters distance.

    5,800 $

    Multi functional system device which contains 3 advanced and professional detection systems.

    According to our surveys, we found that all of prospectors who used ground imaging systems have encountered many complexities in the use of these devices and its complex software, but we have solved these complexities and difficulties in our device with 3D imaging systems, where our system allows anyone to use it with easy and smooth control.

    Gamma is the main imaging tool to complete any successful 3D  scan.

    8,500 $
  • IOTA

    With an integrated system to detect treasures from long distances and high techniques ……..

    In order to provide the best detection standards with a long-range fixed-system detector, AJAX for detectors technology was produced IOTA device the best and most advanced among long-range ionic detection systems and devices.

    6,400 $

    Now finding and digging the groundwater wells is easier and more confident ……

    Omega device is the first long-range detector globally to detect and locate underground water places. If you are a farmer or if you work in drilling wells, Omega is the perfect solution to eliminate water scarcity problems and problems of random water drilling, which would spend a lot of money without any little benefit.

    5,100 $

    Primero has 9 advanced systems for detection and exploration of metals, gold, buried treasures and cavity, in addition to multiple functions.

    Science fiction displays the technology of the future, which may be implemented effectively, including those that can be implemented only in the scenes of science fiction, but with the creative team of  AJAX for detectors technology who takes you a leap of quality and unique for the first time globally to the modern scientific reality that lies the latest and most accurate Scientific systems for the detection and exploration of gold, minerals and treasures underground.

    11,900 $

    The best metal detector in the world working on two highly efficient systems to detect gold and minerals.

    AJAX detector technology has developed a new pulse induction system for metal detectors, to new levels rather than other devices in the market, in addition to ease of use the system to obtain immediate results to maximum depths.

    5,700 $

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