BR 20 G

A series of American BR System Devices..

The american BR factory was excelled to all counterparts in the world , and its devices have proved its efficiency in the exploration for gold and minerals and those devices are the most widely used devices in the world through long range system.
This product is the most commonly used detectors in the world with researchers and prospectors where it can works with efficiency in exploration field, it has been manufactured at the hands of experts and engineers which specialized in these devices for many years.
This device is considered as modern electronic that cause an actual shift in the world of prospecting and exploration for gold, as it is distinguished from the rest of the other traditional devices in accurately with transmitted signal and receiving, which is considered the most important feature in the discovery.
And this the most important thing in the device to be able determine the goals without being influenced by factors of natural soil or mineral and volcanic and Ores dense soil rocks.
If you are a researcher or explorer or an amateur and looking specifically for gold , you can now discover gold under the ground through this effective product and has a high-tech unique and exclusive and specifications.
You don’t need to a set of devices or to other large screen devices. Now you can through BR20G discover gold under the ground in a very short time and determine the depth in precision. Also can anyone use this device and work with it easily without any complexities.

2,700 $

The New Technology

  • This device was equipped with very modern techniques for the detection of gold and gold nugget and they were a natural integration between static electricity and long range system.
  • There is no doubt that gold underground can make a magnetic and electric fields static and positive and its formed during a period of time as a result of burial in the soil, so these field arround the gold can helps the device to discover the golden targets in speed and accuracy and you can determine by the place of gold from long distances and reach to the exact location and stand directly above.
  • The device can detect gold and reach to depths of up to 5 meters through (sensors) and compact radar device that can penetrate and sense the magnetic fields formed as a result of buried gold.
  • Moreover, this product was provided by (modern US technology available only in BR-System exclusively), a Frequency chamber technique and this room contain mini piece of pure gold for the passage of frequency through and that contribute to send signals and frequencies are correct 100% and stay away from any metal object else like metals present in the rocks, or other impurities.

General Specifications

  • The device searches for a depth of 5 meters
  • It can scan for 500 meters as long distance area
  • Metals detected by the machine (gold only)

Technical Specifications

First we open the (radars) in the machine . after we openning the device and selecting search programme we go to the target area, and start searching from left to right or from right to left with main condition , focus in the research to detect the presence of a potential target and the device will check the place in a balanced and automatic way . If the machine find a golden target it will go directly for it , and is determined from four directions in a small place its size 1 square meter

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