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Diamond and Gems in your hands by owning the Electra device.

There are many Diamond and gems types underground, in the same time there are amateurs prospectors and interested traders in diamonds by all types and gems as well, but they are lacking the advanced scientific tool to guide them to these treasures’ locations.

By owning Electra , the most advanced technology in the world of detection and prospecting of valuables, you will be easily able to mine diamonds and gems ores, as well locating and identifying its positions, where the device features the ability to detect and receive targets for an up to 2850 meters distance.

5,800 $


• Electra device works on scientific systems and advanced technologies with high level performance to detect diamond and gems underground for depths up to 100 meters by using the modern search systems provided, which gives the user comprehensive search interface and accurate tracking for the target’s location and track.
• The device offers a list of parameters, in which the required target’s type can be searched with search distance and depth selection prior to the search process.
• The ease of use and detection in Electra is one of its most important features in addition to the small size, high precision in performance.
• This device has two detection systems:
1. Long-range detection system (Manual)
2. Long-range detection system (Automatic)

Product features

  • This device has a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search place and the direction of the target path accurately on the search screen, and you can know your destination in the device with details, and equipped with two integrated long-range searches, manual and automatic.
  • Modern and unique design, which gives you the power and confidence to complete your explorations easily, has the convenience in detection, light weight and ease to use.
  • This device was made and designed entirely and all its parts and components through Ajax factory for detection techniques without use of any external parts, which gives the device a high performance, reliability and quality is unparalleled.
  • High-quality design designed to work in extreme conditions and resistant to noise from the surrounding environment.
  • Colorful screen to display results and settings in 5-inch size, allowing the user to control overall the device settings and to show the results and characteristics of the search.
  • Ideal interfaces and programs that give you precise control and ease of use the device during the search.
  • The main battery place inside the device carry handle, it can open and close, which is easy to replace the battery if it is damaged without having to open the main case of the device.
  • The basic power allows the device to work for 5 continuous working hours at maximum sound levels and backlight levels of the search screen.
  • Headphone outlet, which allows you to hear clear search results and alerts with convenient and varied audio results in MP3 and WAVES.
  • The charger outlet, which enables a fast and intelligent charging of the battery for high performance and proper charging.
  • The input socket of the multi-tasking search systems, through it you can choose the system that you want to work with, it has a sophisticated mechanical mechanism to dismantle and install the search sensor without any effort or time.
  • Control keys interface, anti-shock and humidity it is working by pressing buttons, which gives you total control of the program and settings of the device on the screen

Technical specifications

Research Principle Multi-detection systems and functions, contains 2 long-range systems
Operating Principle Processing data and digital signals and converting them to visual and audible results
Type of processing Multiprocessing
Operation processor 32 Pit MICROCONTLLER
Display Screen TFT colorful screen with 800 x 480WVGA size, 16-bit color depth
Basic battery 7.4 volts, 3300 mA
Power consumption Average consumption 400 mA
Basic Battery Hours (5 hours) and it may different regarding on screen brightness settings, sound levels and other functions that may be in playback mode.
Electric charger Power supply / power input 240-100 V AC, power output 15 V 1.2A
storage capacity 1 GB / it can save to 999 scans.
Sound High quality sounds, 32 KBIT/S, MP3
Sound notifications Yes, with full control of sound levels in all functions.
Vibrating Alert Yes, (optional)
Bluetooth: No, not available.
Languages: Yes, multilingual, with 8 languages
date and time Yes
password Yes, resettable / or canceled password
Dimensions: 49x21x15 cm
Real dimensions 54x50x20 cm
Full weight in bag 3.5 kg
Weight for assembly 1 kg.
Operating temperature From 10° C to 60° C
Storage temperature From 10° C to 80° C
Humidity: It can be stored and operated at 100% humidity.


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