Diamond and gem detector works

GF-500 has a built-in sensor system with a track-and-center point sound detection system
The GF 500 is characterized by its high accuracy of reciprocating waves, which enables it to locate and detect the locations of diamonds and gemstones under the ground, with very accurate accuracy, as the device can locate targets from a distance of 200 meters in front of a 360-degree angle with the property of precise control in the front search distance, where there are several Levels of forward search that the user can adjust according to their need for forward scanning.
The depth of the search in the GF 500 reaches up to 10 m below the surface of the earth with the ability to precisely control the depth of the search from the control interface of the device, the device is characterized by its small size and ease of use, as it can be placed in the pocket and move it with ease and ease, and anyone can use it without The need for expertise or substantial knowledge.


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Features of The GF500 Diamond & Gemstone Detector

  • The GF500 Diamond & Gemstone Detector is specialized in detecting and searching for diamonds and gemstones underground with very great accuracy.
  • The sophisticated and accurate signal transmission and reception system (HSW), which is unique to the MWF group through its study and recent developments of the signal shape and its loading on highly sensitive wave paths.
  • Integrated sensing and detection system, where the device can detect targets by heading towards targets accompanied by an audible alert indicator towards the target.
  • Internal signal filtering system, to avoid any expected errors, by isolating all the outgoing and resulting signals from the magnetic effects of the soil and metallic rocks.
  • Automatic tuning system (ATS) with all types of terrain, rocky, mountainous, sandy and muddy soils.
  • Precision and high quality in manufacturing and performance, this device is manufactured from the best plastics, components and electronic circuits with international specifications.
  • The Diamond & Gemstone Detector is supported by a smooth working control panel with a pressure switch interface and optical destinations, enabling the user to control the device and set it to search with ease, and the control panel consists of the following
  • On and off button
  • Sound mode control button
  • Goal Type Selector
  • Depth Control button
  • Front search distance control button
  • Start and end scan button
  • 5 volume control modes plus silent or rocking mode.
  • The search indicator and signal are composed of three levels.
  • Battery Level Indicator, consisting of 3 levels to show the capacity and capacity of the battery.
  • The light interface that shows the selected search modes by type, depth, and distance.
  • List of statuses for targets: diamonds – emeralds – meteorites – and all gems.
  • The optional search depth list starts from 0 to the specified depth: 1m – 3m – 5m – 7m – 10m.
  • The optional forward search distance list starts from 0 to the specified distance: 25m – 50m – 100m – 150m – 200m.
  • Easy to operate and use, anyone can use it.
  • The Diamond & Gemstone Detector is characterized by its small size, as it can be placed in a pocket and can be moved conveniently.
    Light in weight, which helps the user to operate without effort or trouble.


Find out more by reading some of our articles on this kind of technology and its uses on our blog or watch on our YouTube channel.
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Technical Specification

Search system:

long distance sensing system (LDS) /

Search principle:

Digital Frequency Signal Processing (DFSP) / To Receiving Electrostatic Fields of the targets

Operating processor:


Operating frequency:

From 1 kHz to 9 kHz


4 AAA batteries 1.5 volts / Equivalent of 6-volt interchangeable

Power consumption:

Maximum of consumption 25 mAh

Battery life:

32 work hours

Display Type:

LEDs Interface

Specialized to detects:

Diamonds – Emerald – Meteorites – All Gemstones.

Targets Discrimination:


Target Selection System:

Yes, can choose the target type before the start search

Depth Search:

10m, With controlling system in the depth level

Distance Search:

200m, With controlling system in the distance level

Results feedback:

Through orientation toward to the target location accompanied by acoustic Alerts

Automatic smart guidance system:

Yes, through the Smart LDEs interface to locate the target path.

Voice alerts:


Vibrating alert:


Operating temperature:

From -15° C to 60° C

Storage temperature:

From -15° C to 40° C


It can be stored and work in the degree rate of air humidity of level 90%.


Compound: 700 gr – disjointed in the bag: 1 kg


16X9.5X2.5 cm

Bag dimensions:

34X28X08 cm

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