Gold Step long range gold detector is the first detector in the world, which contains several double search systems, this device is one of the latest versions of the American company BR Systems, the device works in several different systems, the most important of which is EMR technology, to detect golden treasures, raw gold, silver, bronze and vacuum caves, to a depth of 30 meters A circular survey area of ​​1000 meters is a highly accurate and sensitive filter system, where the device is supplied with a filter made of gold, to purify the signals from any impurities and filter them by 100%. It provides a special frequency Each metal separately .. and therefore easier to find the hidden target and in a short time.


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6,100 $

Gold Step long range gold detector is produced with a new design that is completely different from other previous traditional devices, so that we reach to the golden generation of detection devices due to its literal manner, it is effective and usable with all users including normal, experts users or exploration companies This device is new in shape making it easy to carry at all times and in all areas, for example mountainous, and deserts areas


Gold Step long range gold detector contains three detecting programs:

Gold or Golden treasures discovery – gold nugget discovery or the discovery of bronze or bronze treasures – the discovery of silver or silver treasures the discovery of the caves vacuum – tunnels – basement-ancient tombs

Gold Step long range gold detector can detect to 30 meters below the surface of the earth and allows the user to choose the depth before starting the work, like choose 6 meters, 12 meters, 18 meters, 24 meters, 30 meters.
This device enables users to choose a long-range program, for example 200 meters, 400 meters, 600 meters, 800 meters and 1000 meters.

The user can select the depth and distance of research before starting work, which helps to define the purpose and to know the smallest details with it before starting work through these international standards can work in all types of soil and all-terrain and the reason for this is that the device is not affected by soil type and magnetizing by the intensity. In addition to that the device can cancel the magnetic noise in the soil and the conditions surrounding it to 0% and thus be the first device in the world that can work in all environments and circumstances and no matter how harsh it is.

Work and exploration method We lift the device straight up parallel to the soil and run the machine by clicking on the screen and choose the work in a long-range system .. and then we choose target type for example (gold) after this we select the depth: (6 meters – 12 meters – 18 meters – 24 meters – 30 meters) then we set the long-range required to access: (200 meters – 400 meters – 600 meters – 800 meters – the 1,000 meters) and then wait a bit for the device to send electric static power underground that is vertical and horizontal, then we walk with the device to scan the required area. When there is a target in the area, the device makes a radar hydraulic movement to that target then we move with the device until we reach above the target After we limit the target by the long-range system .. We install the sensor to the device after this run the magnetometer program then we begin to walk above the target that has been been in previously method when there is a voice with a visible signal on the screen of the device, in that final point we make sure that the target is 100% real. The final step is determining the depth and work to find the target.



Find out more by reading some of our articles on this kind of technology and its uses on our blog.
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Technical Specifications

This device is equipped a very modern techniques for the detection of gold and minerals underlying with integrated systems between power static electromagnetic energy and long range scanning system .. There is no doubt that the minerals underlying form the magnetic fields is positive and form the caves vacuum magnetic fields is negative and therefore we can detect metals and blanks to depths of up to 30 meters through sensors and radars in sensor supplied with the device and is able to penetrate and feel the magnetic fields formed as a result of the presence of metal or hidden caves and voids

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