GPX 4500

This device has gotten widespread in all parts of the earth and won the satisfaction of a lot of customers in different countries and proved its success in prospecting for gold and raw gold underground

The GBX 4500 VLF Metal Detector is the invention whose weight in gold has become stronger and more versatile in use than ever before.

the 4500 VLF Gold Detector has the multi-polar detection technology offered by Minelab, it makes using this device a real experience with high benefits guaranteed.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the 4500 device is pre-programmed to secure the best results from automatic calibration and identification of the target type with precision and ease, which makes this device one of the best gold detectors in the world.


Find out more by reading some of our articles on this kind of technology and its uses on our blog.

2,800 $

GPX 4500 VLF Metal Detector

This VLF Metal Detector is one of the best gold detectors in the world.

the GBX 4500 VLF Metal Detector has improved features to distinguish between minerals while eliminating the property of detecting iron metal during the search process in addition to the great effectiveness of detecting targets, no matter how small.

GBX 4500 VLF Gold Detector Features

SETA, DVT & MPS technology

It is the most advanced technology for detecting minerals and underground gold, no matter how small, of a depth of up to 2 meters.

Search modes: The device has been modified by adding more different modes to suit different possibilities during the search process and in a manner that gives greater sensitivity to detect targets, whether small or large and with high accuracy.

Six ways to search in the GBX 4500 VLF Metal Detector: There are 6 different search methods available within the device that suit all possibilities of use, and these methods can be modified to suit your search method.

Automatic soil calibration: The device has the feature of automatic soil calibration in a way that provides great effectiveness during the search process and all types of soils, whether rocky, sandy, salty or clay.

Screen backlight The device screen has a backlight to enable you to read screen information during the night or in dark places quite easily. With the ability to adjust the degree of illumination to conserve battery power for as long as possible.

Volume control: this VLF Gold Detector has multiple options to control and adjust the volume in a way that suits the nature of your research as the device was provided with sound filters from external influences.

In a way that provides accurate results when the sound indicates the presence of the target.

Improving the distinguishing feature: the GBX 4500 VLF Metal Detector properties have been improved to be able to distinguish metals more and more accurately and to separate targets from other things that may be interfering with them in a way that provides accuracy in the results.

Speakers: The amplifiers within the device allow the user to hear target signals more easily due to the use of high-quality materials that secure a clean and clear sound and is not affected by noise or external factors.

Batteries: Lithium type are lightweight and last for many hours.



Find out more by reading some of our articles on this kind of technology and its uses on our blog.
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