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LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1, still Pulse GBS (Pulse Ground Balancing System Settings = Vibratory Soil System) is based on the system.

Yayılır.b magnetic short and violent vibrations of the first vibration detection magnetic head mean, metal type conductive material initially produces eddy currents.

Said eddy current, to be protected in the metal object and is radiating magnetic resonance ends by title kaybolacaktır.gecik detection step is the same detection head via (now serving as the receiver) able to detect the eddy current since it occurs.

This small voltage changes and to identify specific signals that are required rather complex electronic circuits to distinguish it from noise.

This signals the voltage controlled oscillator has to be sound stage (VCO) should be strengthened by, so when the metal detection area appears near the title of the VCO sends a signal to the headphones or the built-in speaker means.

Primary ground vibrations eddy current generated in the metal object by means will disappear at different times depending on the conductivity of the metal object.

Therefore, the classification circuit, the apparent improvement in eddy current readings taken within the unit gives the delay time.

In addition, non-metal or metal title Double D detection is possible for all kinds of mines.

This gives more information about the probable type of matter, moreover, thanks to the emission sound are easy to identify the location and size of the buried metal objects.


Pulse GBS system, large-scale use in principle the title and has high transmission power advantages.

It is required especially in the determinations made in the deep.

Wired headset attached to the frame in different sizes and shapes without requiring any adjustment LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 ‘to be connected.

Detector systems with different titles will adapt automatically, special adaptation circuit added.

This means that whenever a cap connected, providing the ability to non-depth order.

When the anchor head enlarged in diameter will also increase sensitivity to large objects.

Also, the smaller the object will be able to be detected with lower precision.

to identify large objects, and this feature is preferred to ignore small objects.

Older titles offer a high detection range.

Even in difficult terrain consisting of magnetic iron oxidation LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 Ground Balancing System when used, as well as iron and other non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, copper, etc.) will be presented for exceptional depth capability.

Other devices are frequently affected by ground effect and reduce the depth of this deeper detection.

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 or nearly all soil types in the “air tests” are almost the same depth can be determined objectively.

DEEPMAX Z1 ‘in gold, silver and high susceptibility to non-ferrous metals such as copper for analysis and identify new targets many different functions for the device makes it superior.

DEEPMAX Z1, determined for each metal screen (LCD) provides visual mark.

A detector, depending on the delay due to reading, data mining numbers between 000-099 and is classified accordingly. The target classification circuitry is affected by metal objects the size in some cases, therefore, it can be defined as part of large mines small coins.

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 also offers challenging soil conditions at 26 cm and 35 cm DD title with more sophisticated and refined iron and non-ferrous target analysis for other metals. The detector also gives audible warning with headphones or speakers path.

According to the depth determination test (in air tests), the results are nearly identical with respect to ground of many types, and hence the standard pulse induction (Pulse Induction) or sine wave type significantly high probability by the VLF-T detector results are obtained.


DEEPMAX Z1 was identified and developed for professional applications.

Many different detection heads connected to the metal detector.

Large areas can be scanned with the title frame in an efficient manner.

Brine, various types of soils or temperature changes, DEEPMAX Z 1 ‘s may little affect the detection range.

Nails can parse or foil type may introduce unwanted objects or unwanted small objects, so you can focus on objects located in larger and deeper. DEEPMAX Z1, when coupled with the slightest identify titles, in the deep is an excellent tool in the detection of small objects.

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 Detector Kit (Standard)

DEEPMAX Z1 main unit, carrying case, rechargeable external NiMH battery 12v9,5ah, shoulder belt strap, quick charger (100-240 VAC), Euro AC-mains cables, earphones, user manual, 1m with a carrying strap and case x 1m 35cm frame header and telescopic S-pole double-D header with 3 bar.

Detection Depths
Mineral type /
detection head
35 cm
DD title
45 cm
1 x 1 m double
frame frame
1.5 x 1.5 m square double frame
Gold bullion
diameter = 0.5 cm
28 cm30 cm (X)XX
Silver coins diameter = 2.5 cm50 cm55 cm50 cm (X)X
Brass plate 10 x 10 cm100 cm110 cm145 cm170 cm
Tin (Cole etc.) 0.33 l120 cm130 cm165 cm200 cm
Iron box 30 x 18 x 15 cm170 cm200 cm280 cm340 cm
Manufacturers are data.

X: out of range of detection head

Detection depths were recorded using air media;


Detection depth may vary depending on different surfaces or delay detection setting.

Larger metal objects can be expected to detect with much greater depths.

Sold as an optional accessory

Lorenz Z1 Data Recorder software Surfer 11 is a feature of the Z1 series Lorenzen alone.

After collecting field data the Surfer 11 software stored on a USB Stick into color map data easily and accurately within a few minutes on the computer, wife raise, surface, converts the image or vector maps.

An additional Scripter Software will automatically generate six two-dimensional six of twelve, including a three-dimensional map of each area. Thus, the operator can choose between different methods of separation and mapping.

Lorenz Detecting Systems developed by offering new Data Recorder Hardware and Software primarily ease of use, it works extremely accurate and economical. Lorenz both engineers to collect data both beginners and Z1 only a few control buttons, geologists, archaeologists, scientists and more enjoyable it gelir.kullanıcı for professionals like many mainly for waste disposal, meteorites, explosive ordnance, or they search for the missing aircraft.

The mind of the operator to unnecessary functions does not interfere.


Note: The above information and descriptions are the manufacturer data.


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