WF-101 B

Groundwater Detector WF-101 B

This device is a sophisticated electronic product that works on a remote detection system with partial frequency detection technology for groundwater, so it sends reciprocating electronic waves to determine the location of the groundwater, and it determines the water gathering point and allows the user an easy and fast search process to find water Groundwater, intended for personal use and a rapid search for groundwater.


Find out more by reading some of our articles on this kind of technology and its uses on our blog or watch on our YouTube channel.

2,900 $

General Features of the WF-101 B Groundwater detector:

  • The control panel switches are easy to operate and use for anyone with experience or not.
  • Its Specializes in the detection of groundwater only.
  • The WF-101 B groundwater detector software contains several software control menus that appear on the screen to adjust all the parameters and prepare the device for searching.
  • Language selection menu: English, French, German, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic.
  • Search depths menu: 30m – 50m – 70m – 100m – 150m – 200m.
  • List of search distances: 100m – 250m – 500m – 1000m – 1500m.
  • List of groundwater search modes:
  • Search for groundwater of all kinds
  • It can determine the main gathering point of the groundwater estuary
  • Its main purpose is to help in the process of drilling water wells
  • The WF-101 B groundwater detector operates on a 9-volt battery that enables it to work for 4 hours, the battery is interchangeable or chargeable.
  • Battery power level indicator (shown on screen)
  • Digital signal processing system (DSP)
  • Automatically works in all soil conditions.
  • Very fast to locate the target.
  • Three electronic antennas.
  • Ground power support.
  • The water level is measured in approximation.
  • The weight of the device is 1000 grams, which allows the user to work with it without getting tired
  • Operating temperature from -20 ° C to 50 ° C
  • It can be stored at a temperature from -15 ° C to 40 ° C
  • It can be stored and be operated at an average humidity level of 5% to 75% without complications
  • Easy to operate and use. Anyone can use it.



Find out more by reading some of our articles on this kind of technology and its uses on our blog or watch on our YouTube channel.
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Search Mission:

Water Finder

Operating Principle :

Electrostatic Fields Receiving for water

Operation Processor system :

Micro Control

Processor speed :

20 MHz

Processing Type :

Digital Signal Processing System (DSP)

Operating frequency:

From 9 kHz up to 11 kHz

Battery volt :

Two 9-volt batteries, First battery is responsible for the operation of the processor and software,Second battery is responsible for coordinating and sending waves

Battery consumption :

120 mA

Operating time:

About 4 work hours

Power outlet :

12 volts, allowing the scanning process fast and accurate results

LCD Type :

Graphics LCD screen 128X64

Find programs:

Fresh water, all water Type

Target Discrimination:


Water Selection System :

Yes, Also can be choose the type of the water before search began

Feedback :

Guidelines Signals


2 Year for control box

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