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this smart metal detector has high accuracy and performance in processing data and digital signals and converting them into visual, and audio results

The Segma detector works on two systems with high efficiency to detect and explore gold and minerals.
The American Ajax factory has developed the pulse induction system for metal detection to new levels that exceed other devices deployed in the market, taking into account the ease of controlling and using the system to obtain immediate results with super clear and greater depths of research.

The AJAX Segma product is distinguished by its detection of deep targets that reach up to 8 meters underground and is a depth that many other devices have not been able to reach. without Inaccuracy and with clarity, it gives results to the user working on the device easily without entering into the complicated adjustments that hinder the search process and make it inconvenient.

• The ease in the Segma device makes it a flexible device that is quick to operate and setup, superior in displaying results. It works through two detection systems which are different in the way the results and data are presented.

Segma gold and metal detector operates two detection systems to give the user multiple technologies that help him confirm the specific goals more accurately
-1 Intelligent pulse system
-2 Spectrum analyzer system


Features of the Sigma metal detector

Segma gold and the metal detector has amazing functions, as it has great capabilities in detecting underground minerals with confidence through the advanced detection systems that have been provided that would confirm and detect targets with merit and provide a 3D image of the target.

The unique and modern design has a great role in giving you strength and confidence in completing your exploratory operations with complete ease. It provides comfort in detection, lightness in weight and ease of movement.

The device is designed and manufactured completely, with all its parts and components, through the Ajax Detection Technology Factory without needing to attach external parts, materials, and parts, which gives the device high performance, reliability, and unparalleled quality.

High-quality electronic design that is ready to work in the most difficult conditions, and is resistant to the noise from the surrounding environment.

5-inch color screen to display results and settings, allowing total and clear control of device settings and showing search results and features.

Ideal interfaces and programs that give you precise control and complete ease of working on the device and prepare it for research.

The main battery compartment is in the device carrying handle and its easy to open and close, which allows easy replacement of the battery if it is damaged without the need to take apart the device.

The main power of the device enables it to work for 5 continuous hours at the maximum volume and backlight levels of the search screen.

POWER BANK can be connected to the device when the basic power is over to allow the device to work for 10 continuous hours.

The headphone output allows for clear results and searching alerts with convenient and varied audio formats like MP3 and WAVES.


The electrical charger outlet, which enables fast and smart battery charging for high performance and sound charging.

The socket of the multi-tasking search systems, through which the required search system is connected, is characterized by an advanced mechanical mechanism for dismantling and installing the search sensor system without effort or time.

Control keys of the interface are shock, and moisture resistant with which gives you total control of device programs and settings on the screen.


Search systems for Ajax Segma metal detector

The first system is a smart pulse system for metal detection
• The system results appear through the smart interface for displaying data and system settings as well.
• Sigma device can distinguish between types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and identify caves and voids as well, distinguishing between targets separately, and clarifying the results on the system interface through variable indicators specific to each type of target, in addition to the oscilloscope window that shows the size of the mass Or the target that was found.
Control sensitivity levels and speed of response.
• Control the cancellation of the search for ferrous metals.
• Smart recognition of the connected search coil, to exert the necessary energy and frequency for the size of each coil.
• Ground stabilization is a quick process that the user performs manually or automatically to align the device with the soil and deal with it without obstacles or any effects from the worse soil conditions.
• This system has the features to capture and quickly identify the identity and type of the detected target, with integrated data.
• AJAX Segma product provides you with 3 different sizes of advanced search coils, which give you different depths, depending on the sizes of the targets to be detected.
• Apply the available search:
Search coil C1 in size: 18 cm x 18 cm
C2 search coil size: 35 cm x 35 cm
C3 search coil size: 40 cm x 45 cm


Technical descriptions of the smart pulse system of the Sigma metal detector

  • The second system is a spectrum analyzer system for metal detection
  • This system works on gold and metal detection with new and unique technology, which is the spectral analysis technology, as this system gives its user three-dimensional images of the targets form that was revealed.
  • This system’s control interface shows you the end result of the target’s image, shape, and integrated details about it.
  • It is characterized by a software interface that is easy to handle and is also comfortable in showing integrated results about the discovered target in an instant.
  • Our system can distinguish between the types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and also identify caves and voids.
  • The distinction between the targets is on an individual level and the results are clarified on the system’s interface through variable indicators pertaining to each type of target, in addition to the oscilloscope window through which it is possible to know the size The mass or target that is found.
  • Ground stabilization is a quick process that the user performs manually or automatically to align the device with the soil and deal with it without obstacles or any effects from the worse soil conditions.
  • Control the cancellation of the search for ferrous metals
  • This system has the characteristics of quick identification of the identity and type of the detected target, with integrated data.
  • Discovering treasures and minerals made easier with the Ajax Sigma

How can I buy a sigma metal detector
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