Spark Long Range Gold Detector

Spark Long Range Gold Detector 2

Spark Long Range Gold Detector has succeeded and proved its worth in many countries and won the title of the best, smallest long-range sensor for detecting gold, metals, and spaces.


System working device

This system of gold and metal detectors works to detect and sense targets from a long-range HSW distance, This type of detectors transmit and receive different frequency waves, including digitally treated frequency waves, or low-frequency resonance waves and others.

This type of gold and metal detector penetrates the ground layers to great depths.

These waves and frequencies can penetrate the earth’s layers to great depths and verify the presence of targets to be searched for within large distances as well, this type of device is affected by targets located under the surface of the earth through the impact and influence of the target and the electrostatic field of the target, and the method of tracking and searching is different from one device to another, And with multiple results and data as well.

Spark gold and metal detector works on the advanced remote sensing system.

Voice Track Selection System (LDS)

Spark is distinguished from the other gold and metal detectors with high accuracy of frequency waves, which enables it to locate and detect underground targets of gold, treasures, and voids very accurately where the device can locate targets from a distance of 200 meters in front at any angle of 360 degrees, with precise control Forward search distance, where there are several levels of forwarding search that the user can adjust according to his need for a front scan.

The search depth of the device Spark up to 10 meters below the surface of the ground with the possibility of precise control in the depths of the search from the control interface of the device, the device is characterized by small size and ease of use, where it can fit in your pocket and you can navigate it conveniently and easily, as anyone can use it without the need for experience or considerable knowledge in the detector.

Why are such devices used to detect gold and underground metals?

This system is usually used to search for unknown targets that are difficult to reach, providing prospector with the possibility of remote detection of target sites with great speed in the identification and monitoring of burial sites, gold, hidden treasures, minerals, spaces and cavities, and to distinguish between them.

Spark Custom Gold Detector

Detects and searches for gold, buried metals and underground spaces with great accuracy.

The Gold Spark detector works with a built-in sensor system with acoustic indicators.

Built-in sensing and detection system, where the device can detect the targets by moving towards the targets accompanied by an acoustic alarm towards the target, filtering the internal signal, to avoid any expected errors, by isolating all the signals coming out and resulting from the magnetic effects of the soil and metal rocks.

Automatic tuning system (ATS) with all types of terrain and rocky mountainous, sandy and muddy soils.

The Spark also features fast operating speed, smooth control and lightweight.

The device is supported by a smooth control panel with a pressure switch interface and optical interfaces, enabling the user to control the device and set it up to search easily.

The control panel consists of the following:

-Power on and off

-Control the sound mode

-Choose target type

-Control the depth of the search

-Control the forward search distance

-Start and finish scanning

Controls 5 volume modes as well as silent or vibrator mode

The indicator light for the search signal consists of three levels

Search Options

A list of modes for optional targets: gold, silver, bronze, blanks

Depth of the machine.

Optional depth list from 0 to the specified depth: 1 m – 3 m – 5 m – 7 m – 10 m

Spaces that the device penetrates.

The optional forward search distance list starts from 0 to the specified distance: 25m – 50m – 100m – 150m – 200m.

Easy to operate and use Anyone can use it.

The device is small in size and can be conveniently placed in the pocket.




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